A memo to our members and guests about the status of Disc Golf at Lavalinks.


Lavalinks is open for business! Ball golf course is normal, no abnormalities. Disc Golf course currently has only 9 baskets. To our regulars that visit us often – you will not be charged for play (any sport) until we have 18+ new baskets installed. Those with regular memberships will have their membership automatically extended at no charge for the duration of our disc golf course disruption. All others – we’re offering trial memberships at half price, and will work with new regular members on a case by case basis.

New baskets are on order, arranging shipping to Hawaii is always a challenge, but we have good people solving that. It has been our plan to acquire Lavalinks owned baskets this year, but timing did not come together due to actions of others beyond our control.

Lavalinks is accepting donations for baskets, those that fund a basket will be comped 2 years regular or family membership (or extension of existing membership for 2 years). Multiple basket donations will get lifetime memberships. Please contact Sean at 808 374 5869 or sean@lavalinks.club with any questions.

There appears to be some comments and or rumors going around based on either misinformation or at least a misunderstanding. To be very clear – Lavalinks does NOT have a position of “Course Director” or anything similar. The authority and ultimate responsibility for Lavalinks lies with me, Sean Fendt; with my wife Kim as my partner often serving as my representative. This has been the case since the late Kim Pinkerton left this place and responsibility to me in his last will and testament. Other than TD’s for special events, I have not appointed nor approved anybody to act as a “director”. However, as I am not an expert in all things Disc Golf, or Golf for that matter, I have made the practice of listening to advice of knowledgeable individuals that offered valuable and positive input to make Lavalinks a great Disc Golf course. Mr Nasworthy was until recent events one of those I considered particularly valuable and he was granted a lot of freedom at Lavalinks, but it was never my intention that Lavalinks would be an exclusively Nasworthy course. I continue to welcome advice and input from others now and in the future.

The full (but still abbreviated) story….

I was writing this originally on Aug 13, to address some hearsay, rumor, and even accusations, about management of the Disc Golf course here at Lavalinks Recreation Club.

First, a thank you to all that have helped bring Disc Golf to Lavalinks, formerly known as “the Great Organic Lavalinks Farm”, as it wold not be possible or exist today without their support. Most importantly we must thank the late Mr. Kim D. Pinkerton for building his dream here on the big island of Hawaii, and supporting outdoor sports and activities for locals and guests alike. But to bring Disc Golf to lavalinks, and establish the course as it is would not have happened without the efforts of several more, including but not limited to Richard Reister, Steve Goodwin, Rob Nawsworthy, Jessee Dexter, Jack Wintersteen, Steve Kelley, and a few more whom I apologize for not naming specifically. For it is with the knowledge and labor contributed by these diverse individuals that has made Lavalinks a special and unique place.

Over the years the course has evolved, minor changes and fine tuning has happened. The baskets we had been fortunate to use had been provided by the generosity and support of Mr. Nasworthy, whom has also hosted several major and a lot of minor events here at Lavalinks. While we had always been thankful for Rob’s support, owning our own equipment has been on my priority list for several months while we are working out how to financially support bringing in the right quality supplies, as memberships and day passes currently cover just a little less than the grounds-keeping costs.

However, I recently appear to have inadvertently upset Mr. Nasworthy by experimenting with a few alternate pin positions. A couple player had mentioned some thoughts on alternate basket / pin positions on a few holes, and in one discussion in particular, I agreed that we should try a few things after the Kilaua Krush tournament. Unfortunately Rob was not present that day, nor the day the baskets were moved; and as a result the new locations were not cleared with him fist. Experimenting and learning what players like / don’t like was never meant to imply that I nor anyone else has an superior knowledge or ideas. I thought he and I had worked it out that day. It should also be noted that since then, at least a couple of baskets have moved back and forth. I personally did move one as it was it in a place where we were repairing the grass, which I would have gladly explained given the opportunity. A few others had been moved a mostly short distance by others out of my control, my plan was to resolve this with new baskets, but figured it would settle in a short time and no formal events are planned for a few months.

While writing the above, Mr. Nasworthy decided to come claim his baskets without any advance notice, apparently because I did not call to discuss and get permission in advance of the above, he seemed to be avoiding all attempts to communicate with me or my wife. This action, in my opinion is childish, and while inconvenient, but not the end of the world. We’ll be using alternate targets for a couple weeks, with a return to normal as soon as new baskets can be shipped and installed.

The baskets Lavalinks is acquiring will be installed in fixed sleeves, drilled into the rock, rather than on portable bases, such that each hole has one or more permanent pin position. However, those who wish tho hold tournaments or other such events here will be granted permission to provide a base or basket on portable base if the TD wishes to use non Lavalinks standard placements during events (and the week leading up to or such as needed).

As for Lavalinks normal pin positions, I believe…

Holes 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16 really do not lend themselves to alternate positions, so will be installed with single locations at least initially, unless the layout is adjusted. 12 will see significant other improvements.

Holes 2, 3, and 18 should definitely have multiple positions. I have a few in mind, open to input.

Holes 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, and 17 could support multiple pin positions – again open to input while we finalize the plan.

I welcome the input of our players while we work on a long term layout. I’ve already seen some of the best people in disc golf come forward with their advice and support. The timing is an inconvenience, but only a bump in the road, I’m more inspired, invigorated, and enthusiastic about the future of Disc Golf at Lavalinks than ever before. We are making this a step forward bringing significant improvements to the Lavalinks course, and we’ll all be having fun on the way.

Lavalinks General Manager.