Not your parent’s golf club!

Lavalinks offers a private recreation club featuring golf and disc golf with a Puna flare. Enjoy the game without the hassle of dress codes and overbearing rules. You now can become a member of a recreation club customized for everyone at an affordable price.

What we offer currently:

We currently have 9 holes of golf. They are challenging so don’t be fooled. Never played before? No problem! We can loan you clubs and balls to get you going. Sunday mornings are a great time to meet new people and join in if you have never played. Some have played a VERY long time, all are great folks.

We also have a full 18 holes of Disc Golf. The course is available during all of business hours. We just ask that both types of golfers have common courtesy which is never a problem. We have many Disc Golfers and a few leagues who play here regularly.

Coming soon we will have facilities for Bocce. They will be available for use during regular business hours and for leagues. We are all very excited here at Lavalinks about this new addition.

If none of these catch your fancy, we are always here to welcome you to come visit, talk story over a cup of Joe any time we are open. We embrace our Puna community and we hope that you will too.

Membership Options


Lite (Single Sport) Membership

  • $30/month or $300/year (incl. taxes & fees)
  • One activity (i.e. Disc golf, boccie) excludes regular (ball) golf.
  • Unlimited use during open hours.
  • Use of clubhouse and other facilities.
  • Member + 1 guest.

Monthly Membership-Regular

  • $40/month or $400/year (incl. taxes & fees)
  • Access to all activities
  • Unlimited use during open hours
  • Guest-house use*
  • Use of clubhouse and other facilities
  • Member + 1 guest

Trial Memberships

Daily Trial Membership

  • $10 (incl taxes & fees)
  • Access to all activities (golf, disc golf, boccie)
  • Use of clubhouse and other facilities.
  • Member + 1 guest

2 Week Trial Membership

  • $25 (incl. taxes and fees)
  • Access to all activities (golf, disc golf, boccie)
  • Use of clubhouse and other facilities.
  • Member + guest


  • Small Lockers $10 month/$100year (incl taxes & fees)
  • Large Lockers that will fit golf bags $20 month /$200year (incl taxes and fees)
  • Extra guests- add 2 guests to the duration of your membership $10mo/$100yr
  • Extra guest day pass $5 per guest with same privileges as member

Lavalinks Entrance

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-dusk (last game start 5pm)

Hours: Sunday 8am-dusk (last start 5pm)