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8/30/2021 by Kim Fendt

Aloha, we have had an exciting early summer with the huge Hawaii State tournament and a couple night golf events. Here we are again with the state mandates of limiting group numbers inside and out. I know it’s discouraging but the good news is that you can escape to Lavalinks. With 20 acres to play, it’s easy to social distance and play off that stress. We wish all of our friends and customers good health. Til next time, Kim

3/14/2021 by Kim Fendt

Aloha to all of our patrons and friends, It’s been a trying few weeks with all of this rain for all of us here in Puna but the work continues on here at the golf course. My dearest husband and great friend of Kim Pinkerton has spent many hours before this year on the course. I can’t say the same for myself until the last 2 months. Tomorrow marks 2 months since we started taking over operations of the course. Never in a million years would I have guessed at this point in my life i would be helping run a golf course, but here I am. In the past 2 months I have shed many tears, lots of sweat and even a little blood. It’s been hard on all of us who loved and lost Kim. We bash on nevertheless to take his dream to the next level. I have met some amazing people and I know there are so many more to meet in the future during this adventure. We have a vision and we will keep moving toward that one step at a time. I thank everyone for all of their support, their friendship, their laughter. Krazy Kim lives large in all of Lavalinks and in the memories of his friends. I hope he is getting a good laugh as I stumble my way through, falling over my own feet, and smiling with our successes. The best is yet to come!!